Unlock the Power of Blockchain and Tokenization
for the Real Estate Marketplace

The real estate marketplace is on the cusp of a transformative shift. Blockchain technology, once a buzzword, is now poised to become the defining agent for transformation in the next decade, revolutionizing how we buy, sell, transact, own, and manage real estate assets.

Blockchain isn't just a technological upgrade; it's about removing friction, building trust, and empowering individuals to participate directly in the real estate market. Just as HTML unlocked the web's potential, blockchain is poised to transform bricks and mortar into a fluid, transparent, and accessible asset class for the digital age.

Innovators will be rewarded with more efficient, more profitable processes, immediate access to new customers and revenue streams, and perpetual improvements to performance, efficiency, and cost savings in the future.

Blog: Blockchain, the Web3 revolution of real estate
Tokenization of Real Estate

Michael Levi
February 2nd, 2024 - 4 mins read

The tauvlo Foundation Program

The first step is understanding

Quickly develop, configure, and manage your assets on-chain tailored to your specific business needs,  rules, goals, and desired outcomes, allowing you to gain immediate insight into its potential and how and where you can deploy it effectively to achieve efficiency gains, reduced costs, improved security, and a decisive competitive advantage. Focus on what drives your business, and together, we will help you understand, test, and build your blockchain strategies.

The tauvlo Alpha program will provide you with a complete understanding of the entire lifecycle of a tokenized property, from on-chain representation to governance and re-selling, tailored to your business rules, objectives and desired outcomes.

Step #1

Asset Tokenization

Digitize your assets into secure, verifiable profiles on an immutable ledger, capturing every detail from title history to blueprints, creating a single, trusted source of truth. This empowers you to permanently and perpetually streamline workflows, improve transaction security, and reduce friction across the entire listing, selling, and transaction process.

  • asset tokenization
    Bring the real estate asset onto a blockchain, securely representing ownership and history.
  • asset tokenization
    Verify its legitimacy and create a digital twin of the physical property
Tokenization of Real Estate

Step #2

Smart contract Innovation

Fully develop, execute, and understand the power of RE smart contracts. Simulate diverse scenarios, define, implement, and test governance, and experience the power of smart contracts custom-built to the business rules, environment, and desired outcomes you define.

  • asset tokenization
    Build and configure advanced smart contracts within the token tailored to your specifications.
  • asset tokenization
    Simulate and model scenarios by automating key processes like buy/sell conditions, rent collection, revenue distribution, and governance decisions.

Step #3

Transactions & Governance

Test the custom-built smart contract terms and conditions, rules, and processes connected to your tokenized asset in the real-world scenarios you define.  Execute, refine, and empower your smart contracts to implement complex decisions, manage cash flows, and drive property and token governance execution.

  • asset tokenization
    Execute activities like buy/sell, rent collection, revenue distribution, and governance voting.
  • asset tokenization
    Demonstrate how token holders use their tokens to participate in decision-making.
Tokenization of Real Estate

Step #4

Token Reselling + Marketplace Services

Explore user journeys for token sellers and buyers on the tauvlo Marketplace—test safety and security to understand each step for trusted transactions and user authentication.  Explore on-platform features that support instant liquidity, including token reselling and DeFi, and on-platform tools to help buyers make well-informed investment decisions, and sellers make profitable business decisions, all backed by historical and projected pricing, comprehensive neighborhood profiles, and robust transaction security.

  • asset tokenization
    Show how token holders receive revenue streams from the property.
  • asset tokenization
    Facilitate easy re-selling of tokens on a secondary market for liquidity.

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